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Catalyst-free growth of ZnO nanowires: structural, optical, vibrational and field emission properties

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Applied Physics A volume 125, Article number: 613 (2019)
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High density of ZnO nanowires is grown over zinc foil by a catalyst-free thermal evaporation process. Electron microscopy studies confirmed that the as-grown nanowires are hexagonal wurtzite structure. The nanowires diameter was ~ 50 nm with typical length of the order of μm. Photoluminescence (PL) spectrum of the wires consist of a strong blue emission peak at 2.54 eV accompanied by other peaks of relatively lower intensities. The Raman spectra of the ZnO nanowires exhibit compressive stress due to the local heating effects during the synthesis. The field emission measurement indicated that ZnO nanowires have a turn-on field of 13.5 V/μm at current density of 0.001 μA/cm2.

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