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Generalized skew-normal models: properties and inference

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Statistics, Volumen 40, Número 6, 2006
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In this article, we introduce a new family of asymmetric distributions, which depends on two parameters namely, α and β, and in the special case where β = 0, the skew-normal (SN) distribution considered by Azzallini [Azzalini, A., 1985, A class of distributions which includes the normal ones. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 12, 171-178.] is obtained. Basic properties such as a stochastic representation and the derivation of maximum likelihood and moment estimators are studied. The asymptotic behaviour of both types of estimators is also investigated. Results of a small-scale simulation study is provided illustrating the usefulness of the new model. An application to a real data set is reported showing that it can present better fit than the SN distribution.

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