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Energy Management Software Systems Based on ISO 50001 Standard: A Preliminary Systematic Mapping Study

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Conference: IEEE Chilean Congress of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, InformationAt: Pucón (Chile)
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The United Nations Organization for Industrial Development requested the International Organization for Standardization the development of an international standard for energy management, within the framework of the industries’ needs to have an effective response to climate changes. As a result, the ISO 50001 standard was published in 2011. This standard specifies the guidelines for the implementation of Energy Management Systems in companies, through a continuous cycle of improvements. Due to the standard’s recentness, it is necessary to determine the software systems and its application that could support the industry to facilitate the standard’s application. This work aims to know the current software systems development trend regarding the use of ISO 50001 standard. We perform a preliminary Systematic Mapping Study (SMS), as a research method, in order to establish the state of the art about the incorporation of ISO 50001 standard into software systems for energy management. 8 primary studies were found as a result of this research, which were categorized into two groups: studies who describe a methodology to apply the standard, and studies who propose a software system for implement the standard. There are few studies reporting software systems for energy management based on ISO 50001 standard; hence, we believe that it is necessary to make a greater effort for the research and development of this area

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