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First record of Alternatipathes bipinnata (Cnidaria: Antipatharia) in the Southern Hemisphere

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Zootaxa 4312 (1): 189–193
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Science Citation Index Expanded
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Antipatharians are still poorly documented in the southeastern Pacific, with just eleven species reported in Chilean waters, all of them distributed in subtidal areas from 70 to 2000 m depth (Häussermann & Försterra, 2007; Cañete & Häussermann, 2012; Araya et al. 2016a). Among the family Schizopathidae Brook, 1889, which is characterized by polyps elongated in the direction of the axis and having a transverse diameter of 2 mm or more (Opresko, 2002), the recently described deep-water genus Alternatipathes Molodtsova & Opresko, 2017, encompasses two recognized species, Alternatipathes alternata (Brook, 1889), reported from abyssal basins (2670 to 5089 m depth) of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and Alternatipathes bipinnata (Opresko, 2005), known from a few specimens collected in deep waters (1130 to 2846 m) off the Pacific coasts of northern Mexico and southern USA (Opresko, 2005; Molodtsova & Opresko, 2017). In the present work, as part of ongoing studies reviewing deep-water macroinvertebrates from the bycatch of fisheries operating off northern Chile (Araya, 2013, 2016; Araya et al. 2016b, 2016c, 2016d; Araya & Catalán, 2016; Reiswig & Araya, 2014), we present the first record of A. bipinnata in the Southern Hemisphere, based on a single colony which was found entangled in a demersal longline used in the fishery for the Patagonian Toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides Smith, 1898, at about 2000 m depth, off Caldera, northern Chile. This record extends the known geographical range of the species by about 57° (more than 8152 km) in a southward direction along the western coast of South America, and it is also the twelfth confirmed black coral species record for Chile

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